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Successful Internal & External Communications, Lobbying, Fundraising
DVDs, Videos, Web Video and more.


We work closely with you, the client, to facilitate the video you want.
This means we research your brief, or partner with you, to provide a brief.
We then suggest communication solutions (creative ideas).
You then choose and approve the direction and content of the film.
Under your guidance, we produce the video.

We offer free quotes and friendly advice.

You have built-in approvals at each stage right the way through the process to ensure that the video is on track at all times. Clients approve all shoots, the outline script, the first off line edit, a second off line edit (if needed), the final script and the final edit. Our time-proven failsafe technique always results in the video that clients want.

The budget estimate will be calculated at cost. We do not charge a profit margin to charity clients. We will help you to keep the budget down to a minimum. Sorry we have to charge at all.