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The Leading provider of Fundraising Videos for the Jewish community.

In 1996 WJR became a springboard for producing videos for many other Jewish charities. Their fundraising dinner income has increased from £60,000 to £1.3m on the night. Donations have increased significantly for ALL our clients including:

Magen David Adom (Red Cross) who raised £350,000 at their annual dinners immediately before producing videos with Our video enabled £5,300,000 to be raised at last year’s event.

UJIA had an uplift of 50% at their fundraising dinner on the basis of our film (from £1,000,000 to £1,500,000).

NWLJDS hoped to raise £150,000 at their fundraising event. Our video was integral to helping raise £1,200,000.

We are delighted to have helped:

  • AJEX
  • British Emunah
  • Chabad CIS
  • Chabad Lubavitch AUS
  • Children of Chernobyl
  • Embassy of Israel
  • European Council of Jewish Communities
  • Friends of the Hebrew University
  • Holocaust Educational Trust
  • Lubavitch UK
  • Manchester Federation of Jewish Charities
  • Magen David Adom
  • North West London Jewish Day School
  • Nurture
  • Reform Synagogues of Great Britain
  • SAGE Home for the Elderly
  • Sue Harris Leukaemia Trust
  • The Office of The Chief Rabbi
  • The United Synagogue
  • UJIA
  • WIZO
  • World Jewish Relief