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World Vision

World Vision is one of the world's leading relief and development agencies. It is a Christian charity currently helping people in nearly 100 countries in their struggle against poverty, hunger and injustice, irrespective of their religious beliefs.


To encourage NGOs to apply to the world’s largest source of charitable funds via World Vision Europe; to demystify the application process.

Worthwhile Production

Working with the European Union we developed a documentary based on the concept of poverty eradication showing the human face of partnering with Europe.


The 20 minute film has encouraged hundreds impoverished yet well-deserving NGOs across the third world to apply for (and receive) funds for their humanitarian causes.

Exceeding Expectations

The film was produced under budget by skillful production management. The team only required one day of filming in Brussels (filming interviews with nine EC leaders and also general views and interviews at clients offices). Existing footage was used to maximum effect.

We are very very grateful to you for producing our film with such dedication and professionalism whilst on such a tight budget. Well done!
Jane Backhurst, World Vision EULO