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Age Concern, England

Promoting the well-being of all older people.


To produce an election ‘manifesto’ video campaigning to local authorities, politicians and the public encouraging them to appreciate the needs and the voting power of older people.

Worthwhile Production

A small schoolgirl introduces our production: “Excuse me, this is my school project. It’s called ‘One day YOU are going to get old!’ ” Interviews with older people are heard over poignant images and situations we filmed. Juxtaposed with the child’s commentary, visuals of older people become profoundly personal and emotional – viewers appreciated that they themselves (and their children) will be older people one day.


Politicians take the sizeable voting power of older people VERY seriously now; ‘Ageism’ has become an increasingly appreciated concept; state pensions have dramatically increased; and older people are now allowed to work beyond retirement age.

Exceeding Expectations

The video was so successful that its shelf-life was extended well beyond its original intent.

It was a pleasure working with you and your team. Many thanks for an excellent production.
Alice Hunt, Age Concern, England