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Raising awareness and understanding of the Holocaust and its relevance today


To highlight the work of the Trust and to substantially increase funds donated.

Worthwhile Production

Our research showed that many people in the UK are ignorant of the Holocaust. Few potential donors appreciated how this is relevant to building a tolerant society, and how effective HET could be if given the resources.


We produced a jaw-dropping film that involved voxpops with people who had no knowledge of the Holocaust, incisive interviews with pupils about racism at school, and showed various HET projects including school visits to Auschwitz. The video connected modern-day genocides with the need for further education. We concluded with highly emotive interviews with Holocaust Survivors and how they want lessons from the past to be learned.

Exceeding Expectations

HET hoped to raise £130,000; within several months they have raised over £1,650,000.

Many thanks for your marvellous film that has helped us to raise more funds than ever – Lord Greville Janner, HET

Well done, you’ve produced a very impressive and insightful video that deals with the sensitive issues  –  Lawrence Rees, Creative Director, BBC History