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World Jewish Relief

Aid organisation helping children, elderly people & refugees.

We won three Best Charity & Public Welfare Awards for WJR


To substantially increase funds donated to the charity.

Worthwhile Production

Our research showed that potential donors had only a little appreciation of the fatal consequences of poverty in Eastern Europe. We travelled to Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania to document desperately impoverished people. With great sensitivity and patience we filmed dreadful cases of children living in sewers in sub-zero temperatures, the elderly at death’s door surviving without medication or food, and orphans living in 15th century lunatic asylums.


The highly emotional ten minute film stunned viewers at the annual dinner. Donation uplift was up from £60,000 to £135,000 at the dinner alone. The video was used for further fundraising. WJR asked us to produce additional videos year on year. At the showing of our most recent video for WJR donations rose to £1,300,000 at the dinner alone and £11,750,000 over the year.

Exceeding Expectations

So taken were we by what we discovered while filming that we personally helped to change the lives of people we met.
We won three IVCA Awards for Best Charity Video.

It is always a delight working with you Jeremy, bringing such expertise of the Jewish world and fundraising. Vivienne Lewis, World Jewish Relief